Hide and Unhide

Hide Unhide MenuHide/Unhide allows you to hide objects and measurements in your design. This allows you to design using layers by hiding certain objects while working in specific areas.

Hide/Unhide has three different controls. The Hide/Unhide buttons at the top give you control over the entire design. The stage and object checkboxes allow you to hide objects by type. The guide and measurement controls set which measurements appear.

In the Construction Page Layout Stage, each block can have a different Hide/Unhide setting. When printing, whatever is displayed in your viewport is what will be printed on the paper. Hide/Unhide allows you to control exactly which objects and measurements will appear on the printed page.

Green Eye shows that all items are visible

Red X shows that all items of that type are hidden

Yellow Square shows that only some items of that type are hidden.

Hide/Unhide Buttons

Hide Unhide ButtonsHide All: Hide everything in the design.

Hide Selected: Hide the objects or the group of objects currently selected.

Unhide All: Unhide every object that is currently hidden.

Show Hidden Objects: Display hidden objects

Stages and Objects

Click the white arrow to the right of the category name to collapse or expand the category.

Hide Unhide Stages

House Category: Hide all shapes from the House category.

  • House: Hide all shapes drawn in the House Stage.
  • Roofing: Hide all automatic roofs.
  • Custom Shapes: Hide all shapes drawn in the Custom Shapes Stage.

Pools Category: Hide all content from the Pools category.

  • Pool: Hide any pool shape in the design.
  • Spas: Hide all shapes drawn in the Spas Stage.
  • Steps and Benches: Hide all steps and benches inside the pool and spa in the design.
  • Pool Water: Hide the pool water while in the design.
  • Drains: Hide all drain objects inserted from the Library.

Hardscapes Category: Hide all content from the Hardscapes category.

  • Decks: Hide all shapes drawn in the Decks Stage.
  • Staircase: Hide all shapes drawn with the Staircase tool.
  • Coping: Hide the coping line on pools and spas in 2D.

Landscape Category: Hide all content from the Landscaping category.

  • Plants and Trees: Hide all landscaping objects inserted from the Landscaping Tab of the Library.
  • Yard Accessories: Hide all yard accessories inserted from the Items Tab of the Library.
  • Contour Lines: Hide all contour lines. Contour Lines appear in the 2D view and represent the changes to the terrain made with the Multiple Slopes option and 3D terrain tools.
  • Visual Features: Hide all objects including spillovers, negative edges, and items found in the Visual Features category in the Library.
  • Planters: Hide all shapes drawn in the Planters Stage.
  • Walls and Fences: Hide all shapes drawn in the Walls and Fences Stage
  • Terrain Lines: Hide all Terrain Lines. This includes the line that represents the general slope of the property in the 2D view, lines created in the Single Slope option and lines drawn in the Multiple Slopes option. These line are hidden by default on every stage except the Terrain Stage.

Guides and Measurements

Click the white arrow to the right of the category name to collapse or expand the category.

Hide Unhide Guides

Guides and Measurements Category: Hide all content from Guides and Measurements.

  • Guides: Hide all rectangle and circle guides.
  • 3D Image: Hide all imported 3D images.
  • Tape Measures: Hide all tape measures.
  • GIS Background Image: Hide all imported GIS images.
  • Notes: Hide all notes.
  • Construction Markup: Hide all shapes drawn in the Construction Markup Stage.
  • Background: Hide all imported background images.
  • Property Line (Vip3D Only): Hide all property lines drawn in Stage 1: Project Information.

Choose one of the measurement controls to set which measurements will display.

  • Stage Measurements: Show only the measurements of objects drawn on this stage.
  • Selected Measurements: Show only the measurements of the selected objects.
  • No Measurements: Hide all measurements.

Construction Markup and Preview Mode

Click the white arrow to the right of the category name to collapse or expand the category.

PHide Unhide Constructionreview Mode Category: Hide all content from the Preview Mode Category.

  • Show Sound Objects: Hide all sound bubbles in 2D and 3D.
  • Show Text FX: Hide all Text FX bubbles in 2D and 3D.
  • Play Sounds: Mute all sounds in 3D such as sound objects and water features.  Sound will still play in Video Mode and Presentation.
  • Show Staging Light Symbol: Hide all 3D markers for staging lights.

Construction Markup Category: Hide all content from default Markup Layers.

  • General Markup: Hide all general markup layers.
  • Electrical: Hide all electrical markup layers.
  • Plumbing: Hide all plumbing markup layers.
  • Gas: Hide all gas markup layers.