Check for Updates

Keeping Pool Studio and VizTerra Up-to-Date

Pool Studio Help Menu Check for UpdatesWhen a new update is available, Pool Studio and VizTerra automatically download it straight into your program. Updates add new features to the software, add new items to the library, and generally enhance the performance of the program. If you have not used Pool Studio or VizTerra or have not been connected to the internet for a while, you will want to manually check for updates to make sure you have the latest version. You can always find out what version number your program should be at by checking our online Newsletter.

Manually Checking for Updates: Go to the Help Menu and select Check for Updates. Pool Studio and VizTerra will automatically contact the Structure Studios server to look for updates. Checking the server for updates should not take more than a few seconds. If there are not any updates available, a message will appear on the screen indicating that there are no updates available at the time and you may continue using Pool Studio or VizTerra as usual.

If an Update is Available: If an update is available, Pool Studio or VizTerra will display the file size of the update and present the option to download the data. Downloading the update can take quite a bit of time depending on the file size. You may use Pool Studio or VizTerra while the update is downloading. A status bar in the lower left of the Pool Studio or VizTerra screen will display the progress of the download. Once the update has been downloaded, Pool Studio or VizTerra will close and open right back up with the update applied. PLEASE NOTE: Do not restart your computer before an update applies, as doing so may cause errors with the update.

If an Error Occurs: If an error message appears while downloading (such as: “Not a Valid Zip File”), wait a few minutes and attempt to download the update again. If you are still unable to download the update, Contact Us.

See the New Features in the Update: You can easily find out all the new features in the update by going to our online Newsletter. Complete with an entertaining update video, the Newsletter will quickly give you all the information you need about the update.

See the New Items in the Update: When a new update is released, the New Items Added Tab in the library will contain a list of all the new items ready for you to start using in designs. Please see Library for more information.