Start Screen


When you first open Vip3D, the Start Screen offers you several options. Everything from starting a new project, previewing recent projects, managing your account and getting to the Support Center can be done from the Start Screen.

You can access the Start Screen at any time by pressing the Media Viewer button

My Account

The My Account button gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you update your information, review your membership, and make our services work better for you.

New Project

The New Project button will create a new project.

The New Project screen is where we initially fill out the details for our project and name it.  Vip3D stores your designs, called Save files, inside of project folders.

Your project folders contain your save files, autosaves, screenshots, videos and exported content for that project.

Project Folder Name: Name your project.

Client: Add the client’s name.

Property Address: Add the property address.  The address will automatically generate when using a GIS Image.  TIP: For Vip3D Members it’s important to enter the address to set the real world location and get accurate shadows.

Description & Notes: Add project description and notes.

Designer: This line will contain your name from your Designer Profile.

Company: Add your Company Name.

Logo: Add your company logo. To insert a logo click on the box and an Open box will appear. Find the image to be inserted and click open. The image will then appear in the image box.  To remove a logo, click the trash can.

Supported image formats are JPG, PNG, BMP & TGA. Transparency is supported in PNG and TGA images. It is recommended that the image be no larger than 200×200 pixels and that the total image file size not be larger than 1MB. Larger logos may cause performance issues or fail to appear at all in presentation.

In the Create Presentation Stage you can display this information on your screenshots, videos and presentations.

Open Project

The Open Project button opens an existing project that you select from a list of previously created projects.



Last 4 Projects

Home Screen 4 Project PreviewShortcuts to the last 4 projects are displayed on the home page.

Click on the preview image to load the project into design mode.

Click on the play button to load the project directly into presentation mode.

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