Water Features

This stage allows you to create water features by using the drawing tools to draw a new shape or by inserting a template from the library. The Water Feature Stage allows for the creation of multiple water features including fountains, spill basins, ponds, and other shapes.

Stage Options

Water Features Stage OptionsHeight: This control sets the height of the selected water feature.

Depth: This control sets the depth for the selected water feature. All water features have a preset depth of 1ft.

Outer Line: By default the coping line of the water feature is represented as an outer line in 2D. Uncheck this option to hide the outer line in the 2D view and in construction.

Height Label: By default, the height of the water feature is labeled. Uncheck this option to hide this label in the 2D view and in Construction.

Coping: Toggle that allows you to add or remove coping to the selected water feature.

Coping Width: This control allows you to adjust the overall width of the coping. The limit ranges from 1″ to 18″.

Waterline Tile: This option allows you to add a a tile line to the water feature.  Uncheck this option to hide the tile line.

Lip Style: Here you can select the lip style for your coping from the drop-down menu. A preview of each style is to the left of the name.

Insert Spillover

Water Features Stage Insert SpilloverTo add a spillover, select the water feature to activate the Insert a Spillover button.  When you left-click the Insert a Spillover button, the spillover will automatically snap to the edge of the water feature. When you move your cursor to the viewport, the spillover will follow the water feature until you left-click to place it.The spillover will also conform to the shape of the water feature, bending around corners and curving around arcs.

Once the spillover is placed, you can customize the Spillover by using Spillover Options under the Object Tab.

Spillover Options:

Type:  3 options are available Spillover, Forward Negative Edge and Reverse Negative Edge.

Pressure: This slider allows you to adjust the pressure at which the water flows over a spillover or edge feature.

Length: This control allows you to set the length of a spillover or edge feature, adjusting how wide or narrow it is.   As you increase the length of the spillover or edge feature it will continue to conform to the shape of the water feature.

Water Flow: This check box turns the water flow on or off. This allows you to show the dam wall clear of the water from the feature.


Water Features Stage LibraryThe Library contains templates of previously drawn water features. The templates are organized by Type under the Water Features Category in the Design Tab.

Select the water feature template you wish to insert and either click the Insert One button or double left click on the image of the template. When you move your cursor to the viewport, the template will follow until you left-click to place the item.

Save Water Feature Templates

You can also save templates you have drawn for future use with the Save button.The Save button located at the bottom of the Library allows you to save your custom water feature templates into the Library.

When you press the Save button, the Create New Template box will come up. This box will display a preview image of the water feature template you are saving to the library. You may select the Category and Type you would like the water feature saved to from the drop down lists and give your water feature a template name. You may also enter a Description or Search Tags for the water feature if you would like. If you would like to create a new category or type to save the water feature to, simply type in the new category or type name instead of selecting from the drop down list. Press the Ok button when you are done to save the water feature to the library.

Water Features Stage Save Template