In this stage, use the drawing tools to create custom shaped planters for your project. Planters always follow the slope of the terrain. This is the stage where you will also create walkways and driveways.

Designing Planters

Pool Studio Designing Planters

Terrain: Items drawn in the Planters Stage will follow the slope of the terrain set in the Property Slope Stage. This allows planters to be placed running up a hill or on a tree mound. This feature of planters also allows you to create elements such as driveways and walkways in your design.

Planter Location: If planters are not placed correctly they will not show up properly in 3D. It is very important that the line of the planter does not touch or cross the line of any other shape even other planters. This may cause the planter to show up incorrectly in 3D or not show up at all. A planter may be drawn inside another shape such as a deck or another planter, but the planter must be completely inside the larger shape, the lines of the two shapes may not touch.

Raised Planters: Raised planters may be created by combining shapes drawn in the Decks and Planters stages. To create a raised planter you will start by first drawing a shape in the Decks Stage. You will draw this deck shape with the dimensions of your raised planter and then sent the height for the raised planter under Stage Options.

You will then go to the Planters Stage and draw a planter shape inside the deck shape. You can use the Line and Arc tools or the Outline tool to draw this shape. You want to make sure the planter shape is completely inside the deck shape and the lines of the two shapes do not touch. Once your planter shape is complete you may set a depth under Parameters. This will set the depth the planter will cut into the raised deck. This method can be used to create raised planters, flower boxes, and other raised areas with cutouts.


Pool Studio Planters Parameters

Depth: The depth box allows you to set the distance the planter will cut into the surface underneath it. This allows you to create objects like flower boxes and raised planters by combining raised decks and planters. If you set a negative depth, the planter will rise up from the surface.