Pool Depth

The pool depth stage, which is used to set the depth of the pool, is split into two sections; the top half shows the direction of the depth relative to the pool, while the bottom half represents the profile of the depth.


Pool Studio Pool Depth View

Depth Direction: The direction of the depth is displayed by a dashed line showing an arrow at the end to indicate the direction and the depth points that are on the depth profile. To change the direction of the depth, move the cursor to the dashed line, the cursor will change to rotate icon, click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse in a clockwise or counter-clockwise path to rotate it.

Depth Profile: The depth profile is basically a line, stretching from one side to the other, that reflects how deep the pool is at any given point. You can move, add, or remove additional points on the profile which will be reflected in 3D. Between all depth points, a distance is displayed which reflects the distance between depth points relative to the size of the pool, based on the depth direction.

Stage Options

Pool Studio Pool Depth Stage Options

Smooth Angles: When you select this option, the distance between depth points will be curved, creating a smooth bottom to the pool.

Hard Angles: When you select this option, you will have straight lines between the depth points, resulting in hard angles at the bottom of the pool.


Pool Studio Pool Depth Library Options

Drains are located in the Library under the Category Drains. They are divided by Type. Vendor items such as pool mosaics are also located here. Select the item you wish to insert and either click the Insert button or double left click on the image of the template. When you move your cursor to the viewport the item will follow your cursor until you left-click to place the item.

Auto Place: This option moves a drain you have already placed in the design into the deepest part of the pool. To use this option select the drain in your design and click on the button. The selected drain will move to the deepest part of the pool.