Pool Shape

Create a shape for the pool by using the drawing tools to design a new shape or by using a template.


Designing the Pool

Pool Studio Pool Shape Designing the Pool View

Only one pool shape: When designing your pool it is important to know that your design may only contain one pool shape. If you require additional bodies of water in your design you may draw them in the Spa Stage.

The program will only allow you to draw one pool shape. If you attempt to draw a second pool shape, the program will force you to start drawing from the last point of your first pool shape. While you will be able to draw additional segments and even appear to draw additional shapes, these segments will not change the shape of the pool or appear in 3D.

If you have an incomplete pool shape the program will force you to draw from the last point of that incomplete shape. This allows you to complete your pool shape.

If you already have a pool shape in your design and insert a pool template from the library, the first pool shape will be deleted.

Changing a Complete Pool Shape: There are two main ways to change a pool shape once you have already completed it. You may use the Move tool to drag the segments of the pool to lengthen them. You can do this by selecting one of the segments of the pool with the Move tool and then dragging it. The other segments of the pool will increase as you drag the selected segment. The Perpendicular Constraint helps when using this method.

You may also change the shape of your pool by deleting and redrawing segments. Select the pool shape with the Move tool. Then select one segment by clicking on a midpoint or two segments by clicking on an end point. Press the delete key to delete the segments. You can now redraw the deleted segments and change the shape of your pool.

Pool Studio Pool Shape Pool View
Pool Water: The pool will not have water in it until you create the 3D presentation in Presentation Mode. This makes it easy to work on the interior of the pool.

Pool Depth: The pool depth can be set in the Pool Depth Stage.

Steps and Benches: Steps and benches can be added to your pool in the Steps and Benches Stage.

Pool Interior: Surfaces may be applied to the pool interior in the Materials Stage.

Stage Options

Pool Studio Pool Shape Stage Options

Height: This option allows the pool height to be adjusted.

Hide Outer Line: By default, the coping line of the pool is represented by an outer line around the pool shape. Check this box to hide this line in the 2D view and in Construction.

Hide the Height Label: By default, the height of the pool is labeled. Check this box to hide this label in the 2D view and in Construction.

Add Coping: This checkbox allows you to add coping to the pool.

Add Tile at the Water Line: This checkbox allows you to add a a tile line to the pool.

Coping Width: This control allows you to adjust the overall width of the coping. The limit ranges from 1″ to 18″.

Lip Style: Here you can select the lip style for your coping. The buttons show a preview of each style.


Pool Studio Pool Shape Library Options

The Library contains templates of previously drawn pool shapes. The templates are organized by Type under the Pools Category. Vendor pool templates are also located here. Select the pool template you wish to insert and either click the Insert One button or double left click on the image of the template. When you move your cursor to the viewport, the template will follow until you left-click to place the item. You can also save templates you have drawn for future use with the Save button.