Steps and Benches

Create steps and benches for the pool and spas by using the drawing tools. Steps and benches will only appear when created inside a pool or spa. For each shape, specify the depth of the steps in the Stage Options section of the Panel.


Stage Options

Pool Studio Steps and Benches Stage Options

Depth: Determines the depth of the steps and benches from the top of the deck.

The higher the number the lower into the water the steps will appear. The lower the number the higher in the water the steps will appear. If you set the depth to a negative number the steps will rise above the water.

Link To: Links the created steps to selected shape. Linked shapes move/scale/rotate together, as if they all are only one shape. By default, the steps are linked to the pool or spa they are created in. You can change the shape you want to link the steps to by single-clicking the Link To icon and selecting the desired shape in the viewport.

If your steps or benches do not appear in 3D or do not appear properly check to make sure they are linked to the correct shape. If the Link To button says link to none, the step or bench is not linked properly.