Exporting and Importing

Pool Studio File Export MenuVizTerra File Export MenuThe Export Menu: The Export Menu is located in the File Menu. From this menu you can export information out of Pool Studio or VizTerra into different formats.

AutoCad DXF: This option allows you to save the 2D view of your design into the .dxf format that can be opened by AutoCAD software.

2D Image: This option exports the 2D view of your design as a graphic file in the .jpg format. This is a generic graphics format that can be viewed and printed by any computer with Windows. This option allows you to send an image of the 2D view as a plan to customers and print shops.

Excel Spreadsheet

Pool Studio Excel Spreadsheet Exporting OptionsVizTerra Excel Spreadsheet Exporting Options

Pool Studio and VizTerra will export information from your design into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The Excel Exporting Options box allows you to choose what information will be exported. This is the best method to export information from Objects Properties into Excel, Office, and other programs.

Export My Content

Pool Studio Export My Content Menu OptionVizTerra Export My Content Options

Choosing My Content from the Export Menu allows you to create a Content Package containing your Save Files, Templates, Screenshots, and Excel Files. You can choose to send whole folders or individual files. This allows you to transfer files to another computer or Pool Studio or VizTerra Member.

Import Menu

Pool Studio File Import MenuVizTerra File Import Menu

The Import Menu is located in the File Menu. From this menu you can import information into Pool Studio or VizTerra from different formats.

Content Package File

Pool Studio Import Content Package FileVizTerra Import Content Package File

Import will allow you in import a Content Package created through the Export My Content option. You can choose to import any or all of the files in the package.

AutoCAD File

Pool Studio Import AutoCAD File

Import will allow you to import a 2D AutoCAD file in the DWG or DXF formats. For more information see Importing AutoCAD® Files.