Pool Studio File Menu Print Drawing OptionPool Studio and VizTerra allow you to print your drawing including all the objects, guides, measurements and library items that are displayed in the 2D view. To print only specific types of objects, use the Hide/Unhide section in the Panel; hidden objects will not be printed. Printing works differently depending on whether you print from one of the design stages or print from the Construction Stage. Exporting to a 2D image is an alternative to printing. For more information, see Exporting.

Printing from a Design Stage

Make sure all the objects that you want printed are visible, and all the objects that you do not want printed are hidden. Choose “Print Drawing” from the File Menu. The Print Preview dialog box will open.

Make changes to the Print Preview as described below and left-click the “Print” button to send the data to the printer. (Left-click on the “Cancel” button to cancel printing.)

Print Preview Options

VizTerra Print Preview Options

Scale: The drawing is printed according to the scale specified. Choose from 1/4 or 1/8 scale, or specify a custom scale. If the scale is changed, the preview window will redraw the preview to reflect those changes.

A label that specifies the scale can also be printed on the paper. The label can be placed in one of the corners of the paper, or you can select None if you do not a label.

VizTerra Print Setup Options

Setup: Choose the orientation of the paper, Portrait or Landscape, and specify if the drawing should be printed in color or black and white. To access printer-specific options (such as changing paper size), left-click “Printer Setup”.

VizTerra Print Preview Window

Preview: When the print preview window first comes up, your design may not be properly centered on the page. You may center your design by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. You will notice your mouse cursor becomes a four pointed arrow when you do this. This will allow you to position the design exactly how you would like it to print out. If your entire design does not fit in the view, you may change the scale or the paper size.

VizTerra Print Preview Window with Dotted Line

The dotted line around the drawing represents the area of the drawing which will be printed. Adjust that area by placing the cursor over one of the lines or corners, the cursor will change to a two-headed arrow indicating the direction the line can move. The area left outside the dotted line will be displayed as gray in the preview section and it will be blank on the printed page.

VizTerra Print Info

Info: Displays the paper size specified in the Printer Setup window and the dimensions of the printed area represented by the dotted line.

Printing from the Construction Stage

VizTerra Print Preview from Construction Stage

The Construction Stage allows you to set options such as paper size and scale as well as position your design on the page before you print. Therefore while you still print by choosing “Print Drawing” from the File menu, you have fewer options in the print preview window.

Pool Studio and VizTerra will print your construction page exactly as it appears in your 2D view. If the print preview does not match how you would like to print the page, press Cancel and make changes to the page in the 2D view. The Printer Setup button will allow you to change printer settings such as color printing.

When you are ready to print, press the Print button. For more information see Construction.