What is Pool Studio?

Pool Studio is the industry leader in professional 3D swimming pool design. As you load your VizTerra project in Pool Studio you will have access to new 3D swimming pool design tools. Remember that you must have a VIP Membership in order to edit your design in both Pool Studio and VizTerra.

Fully Rendered 3D Swimming Pools and Spas

What is Pool Studio Fully Rendered 3D Swimming Pools and Spas

Swimming Pools: Pool Studio features powerful tools to create professional swimming pool designs. Swimming pools in Pool Studio are fully rendered in 3D. Pool interiors are customizable, allowing you to set the pool depth and design interior structures such as steps and benches. Pool Studio also features a complete library of water features and lighting elements to design the highest standard of dramatic swimming pool projects. Pool Studio is the first choice of swimming pool professionals all over the world.

Pool Depth: Pool Studio allows you to custom design the depth of your pool. You can set the depth of your pool and design the contour of the pool bottom. With the pool depth tools you can create swimming pool features such as beach entries.

Steps and Benches: With Pool Studio you can design interior elements for your pools and spas such as steps and benches. This allows you to custom design the interior of your pool as well as create elements such as sun shelves and swim outs.

Pool Interior Materials: The Materials library in Pool Studio features pool interior materials not found in VizTerra. These materials cover the wide range of surface options for pool interiors.

Spas: Pool Studio features a wide range of tools for spa design. The Spa Stage in Pool Studio functions very similar to the Water Features Stage in VizTerra but with additional options. In Pool Studio you can set different depths for your spas and add steps and benches to the interiors. You can also use the additional pool interior materials available.

Additional Pool Accessories in the Library: The library in Pool Studio has additional items not available in VizTerra. This includes pool specific items such as pumps, heaters, lights, and other pool equipment. You will also find a selection of items such as toys, towels, rafts, safety equipment, signs, swim lanes, and other accessories. In addition, Pool Studio has recreational equipment such as diving boards and slides. As well as pool specific items from top vendors and manufacturers.

Swimming in Presentation Mode

What is Pool Studio Swimming in Presentation Mode

Take Your Customers Under the Water: Every aspect of your swimming pool design is completely explorable in Pool Studio. While in Presentation Mode you can use Fly to take your customers for a swim in the pool. You can feature every detail of your pool and spa interiors. No other design software allows you to take your customers for a swim before any construction begins.

Pool Depth Profile

What is Pool Studio Pool Depth Profile

Automatic Pool Depth Profile: Pool Studio allows you to automatically generate a pool depth profile in the Construction Stage. The profile will automatically show the dimensions of your pool depth as set in the Pool Depth Stage.

Differences in Pool Studio

Fewer Landscape Design Tools: Pool Studio has fewer options for landscape design than VizTerra. Pool Studio only has about a third the number of plants and trees present in VizTerra. While in VizTerra, you will not be able change the symbols assigned to items in the library or place plants and trees with different container classes. Custom symbols you have already assigned to items in the library will still be set, but you will only be able to insert plants and trees in the full container class. In general, you will want to return to VizTerra to work on landscaping.

Library Items: Some library items, especially landscaping equipment and accessories, available in the library in VizTerra are not available in Pool Studio. If these items are present in your design you will be able to move them, but you will not be able to add new copies until you return to VizTerra.

Favorites and New Items Added: Items only available in VizTerra that you have saved to your Favorites list will not appear when in Pool Studio. The items are still saved to your list and will reappear when you return to VizTerra. The same applies to Pool Studio only items saved to Favorites while in Pool Studio. They will not appear when you are in VizTerra. The New Items Added list works the same way.

Pool Studio Help System

Pool Studio Assistant: Just like the VizTerra Assistant, the Pool Studio Assistant helps you achieve your full design potential with Pool Studio. You can access the help system at any time in the program by going to the Help menu and selecting Pool Studio Assistant. Click Pool Studio Assistant to access the Pool Studio help system right now.

VIP Suite

VIP Suite Membership: In order to design your projects in both Pool Studio and VizTerra, you will need a VIP Suite Membership. For more information on all the benefits of VIP Suite Membership please Contact Us.