Pool Studio and VizTerra Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pool Studio? What is VizTerra?
Pool Studio is the industry leading professional 3D swimming pool design software and VizTerra is state of the art 3D landscape design software. Both feature the most detailed and realistic 3D presentation available on the market today. Pool Studio and VizTerra allow you to design an entire project, present it in stunning 3D, and produce build-ready plans. With Pool Studio and VizTerra, you spend less time designing and more time selling.

2. How do Pool Studio and VizTerra Increase Sales?
A realistic 3D presentation of your customer’s project is proven to give your design the advantage. Premium upgrades will sell themselves as customers watch your design unfold. The Pool Studio and VizTerra presentations leave a lasting impression.

3. Are Pool Studio and VizTerra Easy to Learn?
Yes. Both Pool Studio and VizTerra were developed so you can get started quickly, even if you have little computer experience. The intuitive design system makes it easy to complete an entire project. Structure Studios offers a full range of training and support designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced users. Best of all training and support is included with Membership. Check our Online Training Schedule.

4. When can I attend Pool Studio or VizTerra Training?
Nearly every day of the week, online training classes are being conducted live by Structure Studios training specialists. Please check our Online Training Schedule and see if a class is available tomorrow. Contact Us and we will happy to sign you up for an upcoming class.

5. Can Pool Studio and VizTerra create Site Plans for Construction?
Yes. Pool Studio and VizTerra will create site plans tailored to company and permit specifications. You can also customize your plans with the exact level of scale, detail, and information you need.

6. Can I use Drawings created in AutoCAD or other Design Software?
Yes. Pool Studio and VizTerra can import information from AutoCAD files in the DWG and DXF formats. Files from other design software can be imported into Pool Studio or VizTerra as long as your drawing can be saved into a graphic format. Please Contact Us and we will be happy to walk you step by step through this and many other easy to learn features.

7. Do Pool Studio and VizTerra have the Vendor Products that I use?
Partnerships with some of the largest vendors in the industry places the products you use right in Pool Studio and VizTerra. Our libraries include drains, pumps, outdoor barbeques, tile, decking, pool shapes and much more from top manufacturers. See all the leading manufacturers who are Pool Studio and VizTerra Vendor Partners.

8. How do I Present my Design using Pool Studio or VizTerra?
The fully interactive 3D presentation is the best way to show your design to the homeowner. You can also print high quality 3D images and 2D layouts to leave a lasting impression.

9. Is an Internet Connection required to use Pool Studio or VizTerra?
An internet connection is required to register Pool Studio and VizTerra and receive updates. The majority of time you are using Pool Studio or VizTerra you will want to be connected to the internet. The internet is not necessary when presenting a design from your laptop at a customer’s home.

10. What Computer Hardware is necessary to run Pool Studio or VizTerra?
Pool Studio and VizTerra bring you the finest 3D presentation available in the industry. Therefore it is important to have the right computer and right video card for Pool Studio and VizTerra to perform best. The latest information on the best hardware choices can be found at our Support Center.

11. Can I use Pool Studio or VizTerra on more than one Computer?
Yes. Pool Studio and VizTerra have a Transfer License feature. You can transfer your registration from one computer to another in less than 10 seconds. This allows you to design on your desktop and present on your laptop.

12. Does Pool Studio or VizTerra require a Contract?
No. Both Pool Studio and VizTerra are offered as a Membership and can be cancelled at anytime. We never charge any processing or cancellation fees. You even have the option to suspend your Membership temporarily. If circumstances require you to cancel or suspend your Membership, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

13. What if I am not Satisfied with Pool Studio or VizTerra?
Pool Studio and VizTerra are designed to exceed your expectations and be the absolute best sales tool in the industry.

14. Is another CD or Download Needed to Upgrade the Demo into the Full Version?
No. The demo software you downloaded installs the entire program on your computer. Once you become a Member, you will receive a 15 digit CD Key to register the demo version into the full version. You do not need to order any other CDs or download any other versions.

15. How Much is Pool Studio? VizTerra?
Both Pool Studio and VizTerra are offered on a Membership basis. We offer two Memberships: yearly or monthly. The yearly Membership gives you an entire year of Pool Studio or VizTerra for $995, a savings of $145. The monthly Membership provides one month of Pool Studio or VizTerra for $95. Both plans come complete with free technical support, free training, and free software updates.

16. Does Structure Studios offer any other 3D Design Software Programs?
Yes! Structure Studios also offers VIP Suite, which contains both VizTerra and Pool Studio in one complete 3D design software suite. Please Contact Us for more information on our complete line of professional 3D design software.